Kindergarten PLTW


Module 1: Structure and Function: Exploring Design

Students discover the design process and how engineers influence their lives. They explore the elements of structure and function by identifying products around them designed by engineers and asking questions engineers might ask. They are introduced to a design problem through a story in which Angelina wants to design a paintbrush. Students apply their knowledge from the module to design their own paintbrushes. © 2016 Project Lead The Way, Inc

  Burnside students exploring Structure and Function:
structure and function

Module 2: Pushes and Pulls

 Students investigate pushes and pulls on the motion of an object and develop knowledge and skills related to forces of differing strengths and directions. Their explorations include pushes and pulls found in their everyday world, such as pushing a friend on a swing or pulling a wagon. In this module’s design problem, Suzi needs to move rocks from her yard so she can install a swing set. Students work through the problem by applying what they learn about forces.         © 2016 Project Lead The Way, Inc

Burnside students investigating Pushes and Pulls:

Pushes pulls

Module 3: Structure and Function: Human Body

Students explore the relationship between structure and function in the human body. They examine major organs within the body and investigate how the structure of each is related to its function. Students are introduced to the design problem through a story in which Angelina falls off the monkey bars and breaks her arm. Students learn about the diagnosis and treatment of her injury and then work to design and build a cast for Angelina. © 2016 Project Lead The Way, Inc

Burnside students exploring muscles:
Human Body

Module 4: Animals and Algorithms

Students explore the nature of computers and the ways humans control and use technology. Starting with an unplugged activity, students learn about the sequential nature of computer programs. Students are inspired by a story in which Angelina, Mylo, and Suzi make videos to teach preschoolers about animals in their habitats. Then, students work in small groups to design and program a simple digital animation about an animal in its habitat. © 2016 Project Lead The Way, Inc.

Burnside students exploring Animals and Algorithms:
Animals and Algorithms

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